Mon Tissu Soiree Group Perks!

Mon Tissu Soiree is our exclusive in-world group where members get the royal treatment in the form of top quality gifts, store credit, access to special events and more!

Group Gifts - Quality is our goal with the gifts we give to Soiree members.  They are ALWAYS exclusive (whether it be the color or the item itself).  We will be offering new group gifts every 1-2 months.  They will be sent to the group directly, and will also be available on the Gift Wall at our main shop! Be sure to have your Mon Tissu Soiree tag active so that you can get your gifts!

Store Credit - Mon Tissu Soiree members will receive 25% store credit on all fat pack purchases, and 5% store credit on all regular purchases.  Earning store credit is exclusive to Soiree members only!

Special Event Access - From time to time we will have events or sales where Soiree members will be the only ones with access to the event.  If early access to a public event is being offered, it will be reserved for Mon Tissu Soiree!

To join Mon Tissu Soiree, simply search in-world groups for "Mon Tissu Soiree." There is a join fee of $1000L, but after a gift and 2 fat pack purchases, your fee has already paid for itself!