Store Policy

- Refunds -

Because all of our items are no transfer, we are unable to offer refunds if you aren't satisfied with a purchase.  The only time we can refund a purchase is if you've accidentally paid multiple times for the same item.  In this case we have to verify the transactions before we can refund you.

- Returns/Exchanges -

We cannot accept returns because our items are no transfer.  If you accidentally purchase the same item twice, and would like us to send you another item of equal value instead of a refund, we can do that for you!

- Redeliveries -

If you make a purchase in-world and it does not show up in your inventory, disappears, or you accidentally delete it, you can visit one of the redelivery terminals at our shop to have any of your purchases sent to you! If your purchase is not showing up when you click the terminal, please double-check your transaction history to make sure you actually paid for it.

- VIP Group Fee -

If you join our in-world VIP Group (Mon Tissu Soiree), you will be charged a fee of 1,000L. This fee is non-refundable, so please be very careful not to join accidentally if you do not want to be a member. (See the Mon Tissu Soiree section of our site for details on all the perks you receive as a Soiree member!)

- Custom Work -

We do not offer custom items or modifications.

- Demos -

All shoes and mesh clothing must be demoed before purchasing!  If you purchase without demoing you risk the item not fitting correctly.


Mon Tissu offers sculpted clothing, base texture clothing, AND mesh/rigged mesh clothing.  All rigged mesh clothing items will have demos available so you can try them on before purchasing.  All rigged mesh clothing will also have a visible tag, stating that the garment IS rigged mesh, and listing the Standard Sizes included.  If a garment does NOT have a tag, it is not rigged mesh.