Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Lounge Collection

Hey everyone! We have just released our brand new Holiday Lounge collection.  This collection is comfortable and stylish and includes unisex lounge pants, cotton pullovers, men's thermals, soft knit shrugs, lacy floral lingerie, lace lined tank tops, and delicate necklaces, all in a variety of colors.

Tis the season for giving gifts and you can send any of our items to anyone you like by simply right clicking a vendor and choosing the "Gift" option!

For this release we are having a special sale for our Mon Tissu Soiree members.  All color packs are 35% off if you have your group tag active!  Mon Tissu Soiree is our exclusive in-world group where members receive gifts, sales and other specials on a regular basis.  Search for "Mon Tissu Soiree" in world to join!  If you are interested in receiving updates only, you can subscribe to our update group by clicking the easel next to the register area at our shop.

We hope you enjoy our collection and we wish you a happy and cozy holiday!

- Elie & Anouk

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