Thursday, February 24, 2011

New from Mon Tissu ~ Sweet Sophisticate Collection

Hi everyone! We have a new collection out to help you get ready for Spring. Sweet Sophisticate is full of skirts, tees, shoes, denim shorts, scarves and blazers. We hope you enjoy this collection!


See it on our Flickr!

Remember we have a gift option! Just right click any of our vendors, choose "Gift" and follow the instructions it gives you in chat!

Also, if you purchase something and it doesn't come through, or disappears, not to worry! You can visit the redelivery terminal at our register area and have any of your past purchases delivered to you instantly! Just click the sign that says "Click here for Redeliveries!"

As our inventory grows, we'll be moving older items around.  Currently you'll find that some of the Holiday Lounge collection has made its way up to the 2nd floor.  You can be gutsy and climb that spiral staircase, or you can teleport up via the signs near the stairs.

Enjoy the collection! :)

- Elie & Anouk

p.s. Mon Tissu Soiree members remember your group tag! <3 25% off all packs!

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