Friday, June 29, 2012

New from Mon Tissu ~ Garden Party Collection

Hey everyone! We have some brand new mesh summer pieces for you and we really hope you like them! The collection is Garden Party, and its inspired by pretty summer days with lots of color and comfort. Our two new dresses are the Lacey Dress and the Seaside Sundress.  Both come in a variety of colors (and patterns!) to suit any mood! We also have some brand new colorful shorts and slouchy sweatshirts for a more laid back look.  All of these items are rigged mesh and available in all 5 Standard Sizes.

Please be sure to DEMO items before buying and read the vendor tags, as they specify what is mesh/rigged mesh, and contain other important information about that item!

Visit us on Flickr and Plurk to stay up to date on all of our releases and promotions!

Check us out on the Marketplace where you can shop our entire collection!

Have a great day! :)

~ Anouk & Elie

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