Friday, April 26, 2013

New! Daydream Dress + Daley T-Strap Heels

Hey everyone! We're back with another colorful release! The Daydream Dress is a sweet sundress with pretty detailing and a beautiful color & pattern selection. The Daley T-Strap Heels are our very first rigged mesh shoe with a mesh foot + HUD! The same beautiful foot + HUD from your favorite Celoe footwear has come to MT and we're so excited about it! The heels come in 10 colors and 3 sizes: Smallest, Medium and Largest, and the HUD includes a range of skintones and an array of gorgeous nailpolish colors so that you can mix & match all day long! These adorable shoes have a retro feel and, along with the Daydream Dress, will be perfect additions to your spring and summer wardrobe!

The Daydream Dress and Daley T-Strap Heels are both rigged mesh, so don't forget to try a demo before purchasing!

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Have a great day! :) ~ Anouk & Elie

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