Thursday, October 20, 2011

New from Mon Tissu ~ One For All Pencil Skirts

Hey everyone! We are excited to release our brand new Rigged Mesh Oxford Pencil Skirts! These skirts are so exciting because although they are mesh, they are one size fits all and they will not compromise your unique shape!  The skirts come in 13 colors ready for fall, so come try out the demo and we hope you enjoy them! (Scroll down for some important information about wearing mesh & rigged mesh objects!)

Below are some tips to quickly inform you about the benefits and limitations of wearing mesh and/or rigged mesh objects in SL!

In order to see any mesh objects at all, you must be using a mesh enabled viewer.  The latest official viewer is mesh enabled, and third party viewers are starting to enable mesh.  Check that your viewer is mesh enabled before trying to view or purchase mesh objects!

Once you are using a mesh enabled viewer, you will be able to wear mesh and rigged mesh objects. 

- Mesh objects work quite the same as prims.  They are stiff and can be attached and repositioned once you are wearing them (and resized if the creator has allowed "Modify" permissions). 

- Rigged mesh is very different in that once it is attached to your avatar, you cannot reposition or resize the object.  It will fit the way it fits no matter what.  The benefit to wearing rigged mesh objects is that they will bend with your joints and stretch with your height.  This gives a much more natural effect, and helps if you are extra tall or extra short because the object will shrink or stretch to sit correctly on your avatar.  A major limitation of rigged mesh objects is that they do not conform to your body fat or muscle.  This is why designers offering rigged mesh pieces will often include multiple size options and/or alpha layers to hide any parts of the body that may stick through.

Because of the extreme limitations on rigged mesh fitting, designers will most likely offer demos for all rigged mesh objects. It is very important to try the demos before purchasing.  The demo will show you right away if the item you're considering is going to work for you or not.  The way it fits out of the demo box is the way it is always going to fit you (unless you change your shape), so be very careful not to purchase any rigged mesh objects until you are positive they fit you well!


Remember we have a gift option! Just right click any of our vendors, choose "Gift" and follow the instructions it gives you in chat!

Visit us on the Marketplace to shop our entire collection from the comfort of your own home or skybox!

If you purchase something and it doesn't come through, or disappears, not to worry! You can visit the redelivery terminal at our register area and have any of your past purchases delivered to you instantly! Just click the sign that says "Click here for Redeliveries!"

As our inventory grows, we'll be moving older items around.  Some of our older collections have made their way into the 2nd ground floor room and up to the 2nd floor.  You can be gutsy and climb that spiral staircase, or you can teleport up via the signs near the stairs.

Enjoy the collection! :)

- Elie & Anouk

p.s. Mon Tissu Soiree members remember your group tag! <3 25% off all packs!

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  1. I really love all of your clothing,really classy but casual also,it does have a european feeling to it.
    My only problem is that a lot of people don't see mesh,if all of the viewers had mesh...but still on my list to buy

  2. Thank you Siul! :) We are excited to see more and more people using mesh viewers!

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