Friday, November 18, 2011

New from Mon Tissu ~ Au Revoir France Collection

Hey everyone! We have something a little bit different for you this collection! We are excited to announce that we will be moving our main store next month to a brand new London-themed sim called Mayfair that we will be sharing with Lelutka's gorgeous new brand, Celoe. As an exciting little preview of this new venture, our current release is on display in a temporary build at the Lelutka sim where you can get a little taste of what we'll be offering at Mayfair.

 Another exciting announcement is that as we introduce more Rigged Mesh clothing for you, we will be using the new Standard Sizing System so that you can have a more consistent shopping experience! Learn more about Standard Sizing here:

The new collection, Au Revoir France, consists of rigged mesh tanks, a gorgeous sculpted wool with fur collar coat, cozy rigged mesh sweaters, mesh travel bags & lacey bandeau bras to layer with the new tanks! We hope you enjoy the new stuff and be sure to check out Celoe's new offerings as well!

(For information on how to wear mesh & rigged mesh objects, please read the notecards included in the DEMO vendors for the Rustic Knit Cardigans & Lycia Tanks)

See it on our Flickr!

Remember we have a gift option! Just right click any of our vendors, choose "Gift" and follow the instructions it gives you in chat!

Visit us on the Marketplace to shop our entire collection from the comfort of your own home or skybox!

If you purchase something and it doesn't come through, or disappears, not to worry! You can visit the redelivery terminal at our register area and have any of your past purchases delivered to you instantly! Just click the sign that says "Click here for Redeliveries!"

As our inventory grows, we'll be moving older items around.  Some of our older collections have made their way into the 2nd ground floor room and up to the 2nd floor.  You can be gutsy and climb that spiral staircase, or you can teleport up via the signs near the stairs.

Enjoy the collection! :)

- Elie & Anouk

p.s. Mon Tissu Soiree members remember your group tag! <3 25% off all packs!

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